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Blue Line (refreshing, easy-drinking wines)

Brown Line (strong and fullbodied wines)

Red Line (special wines with low sulphur)

Noble Metal Line (sweet wines)

Sparkling Wines (semi-sparkling + sparkling wine)

Magnumbottles, Juices etc.



Our wines and their colours

Why are red wines always said to be heavy and full, why are white wines always presumed to be light and fesh, and why is there a blue, brown and red line at Doris and Matthias Hager? 

The Kamptal is popular for its variety.

Firstly, you can find very diverse soils, which are crucial for the wines. There is loam, which is compacted flue dust from the glacial period, then there are loamy grounds, relic of the cast ocean, and there are also very meagre prehistoric rock grounds, which ensure that the vines get a mineral taste.

Secondly, the Kamptal combines different climates. The hot and dry pannonian climate from the east strikes the rough, cool climate from the Waldviertel which is situated in the northwest. Hot days, cool nights and long, sunny autumns contribute to the fruitiness of the wines. 

We don't need to mention, that the Kampta, in the face of those factors, needs more differentiation than just red and white. Therefore we have our different lines.

BLUE is the colour of the unclouded sky and the clear water of a spring. Blue stands for cool refreshment; it appears regally light, delicate and sensitive in flow. The pure energy is full of transparent calm and harmony. These wines want to be consumed in the first four years and exclusively come with screwtops to emphasise their straightforwardness. Blue is more traditional and elegant, but it still looks more creative than brown. 

BROWN is the colour of the tree bark and the earth. Brown stands for a feeling of being rooted, strong and full of substance. With Braun everything is cosy, relaxed and warm. Brown is rich in nature; it is the nutrient for new life and growth. The brown line includes white wines, which can be compared to red wines in terms of their complexity. The Brown develops its aroma powerfully.

RED is the colour of royalty, it rarely appears in nature and stands vor attention and also something special. In the red line 'Pur' you can find unique wines, that are unfiltered and only have minimal or no additions of sulfur at all. These wines need time to ripe. Also whilst drinking you should bring sufficient time and patience.  

Apart from these differentiation there are our sweet wines, which show a vine made from NOBLE METAL on their label. These include our Riesling and Grüner Veltliner Auslese and the Zweigelt icewine.  


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