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Biodynamic Viniculture

Since 2006, we have been working according to the biodynamic guidelines of the Demeter Association. To work biodynamically is a wonderful life-task which requires a lot of sensitivity in the vineyard and long-term thinking. For us, biodynamic viniculture goes beyond “just” wine-making - it’s more about understanding the context of life. Nature is a sophisticated system which is to be explored and its self-regulating power to be used for viniculture. How to do it is not as easy as gleaning from a textbook. It takes a lot of observation, perseverance, patience and experiences. Rudolf Steiner (1864-1925) gave suggestions in his lectures on how to understand and use the forces of nature. Since then, we have been researching and developing in this subject matter.


To this end, in the Demeterbund, the international association of biodynamic farmers, there are different working groups that meet regularly, exchange experiences and carry out further research in their special field of focus. In one of these working groups, the preparations important for agriculture are also jointly produced. The horn manure preparation, for example, provides that the soil life is stimulated, while the horn silica preparation gives an impulse for the shaping of the plant. In addition, various preparations are made from medicinal herbs, such as nettle, valerian, yarrow or chamomile, which are also used depending on the weather to soothe or strengthen the plants and, importantly, for composting.


Of course, as in any type of viniculture, the work of the winemaker is essential. When he carries out which work step, with how much enthusiasm, ultimately affects the harvest and the taste of the wine. That Matthias is there with his body and soul and is particularly concerned about the "right" time can also be felt in his wines. Best is to try it yourself :-).


Various moon and planetary calendars are used to identify the "right" time. Above all, we work with Maria Thun's calendar which is published annually. In her own research, Maria Thun has found out a lot about the effects of the various lunar rhythms and planetary constellations and has made suggestions, among other things, for horticulture.

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